Thursday, April 9, 2009

On the Moon in Australia

Hullo all! Craig and I are seeing the most amazing things here in Australia! We went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was magic. There were 145 koalas, all about an arm length away, scratching their ears, and ribs and bums, blinking and munching gum leaves. Acute cuteness. Fantastic! All that and a hairy nosed wombat too. I also petted a kangaroo and a wallabee. I was on the moon, more soon. David


  1. Greetings from the other side of the planet, David & Craig!
    We have no koalas, kangaroos or wallabees here on "The Ranch" in Lunenburg NS but we DO have hens, cats & our dear dog Hanna...& all of them scratch their personal parts in the cutest way, too.
    We are enjoying your adventures & getting to visit Australia through your messages home. Keep 'em coming!
    And please pat any one of the hairy beasts you meet on the way for me, unless it is a HUMAN hairy beast!! NOT a good idea!
    Marni et al

  2. you've obviously been far too busy gigging and hopefully enjoying yourselves to write too much - that's good!
    Will be seeing you and Craig perform again tonight in Canberra with the excellent and locally produced Fred Smith as support - may as well get in a plug for Canberra. Definitely looking fwd to this as could only catch your short set at National Folk fest

  3. David,
    My wife and I attended your evening at The Harp, in Tempe. You were great as per usual. We've been living in Sydney for 14 months having moved from Canada. This is an amazing place and we(our 2 boys included) have adjusted wonderfully, however there are some things that we hated to leave behind, like being able to catch you live. We'd attended your concert about 3 years ago at the Banff Center and had assumed in this move here that it would be a while before we'd be able to see you again. So you can imagine we were thrilled when we checked out your site and saw that your were coming to Australia. We managed to even introduce your music to a couple we know from Canada that were in for the weekend and they went away enthralled. Thanks again to you and Craig Werth for the wonderful evening of music and hope you have a good trip back to Canada.